High Wine

Every day between 14.00 and 17.00 you can enjoy our extensive High Wine. Our High Wine consist our of 4 courses, 2 delicious and appropriate wines and a dessertwine.

Do you want to make the High Wine extra festive? Order a glass of prosecco to start with. You can make a reservation for a High Wine with a minimum of 2 people for € 37,50 per person.

First course

Baked mussels | Carpaccio bonbon | Parmaham | Olives

Boschendal white/red/rosé

Second course

Pomodori soup

Third course

Steak with pepper sauce | Fish stew | Ravioli with green asparagus

Gentry white/red | Boschendal rosé


Chocolate mousse | Passionfruit ice cream | Brownie

Vin d’or dessertwine

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