Looking for a venue for a extended breakfast buffet, a warm 3-course lunch, a walking dinner or any other occassion? Restaurant Luden is located on a A-location in the city centre of The Hague with parking right in front of the door and public transportation as well as the central station in the direct environment.

At Luden you can take place with small and large groups up to 200 persons, 7 days a week. We offer special arrangements for
groups larger than 10 persons for a fixed price per person. We serve breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner at the table as well as a buffet.
Take a look at this page for all our possibilities. We can make an offer aspecially according to your wishes. 

Every groupreservation begins with a personal contact, call 070-3601733,
mail to info@ludendenhaag.nl or come by the restaurant voor a non-binding conversation. 
Take a look at our page about venue's to see our different spaces.



Having breakfast at Luden with a large group? That is possible! At Luden we serve 2 different kind of breakfast arrangments.

For 11,50 per person we offer a Chef's breakfast; 2 slices of bread, croissant, sweet and savory toppings, fresh fruit, a baked egg with bacon, a coffee or thee.
We can expand this breakfast with smoked salmon and brie, a coffeebun and/or chocolatebun. It is also possible to book a festive champagne breakfast.

From 25 persons and up we can also serve the breakfast as a buffet. We would like to compose an offer according to your wishes. 



Graag met een grote groep bij Luden ontbijten? Vanaf 25 personen kunnen we een ontbijtbuffet verzorgen voor 17,- per persoon.
Neem contact op om een reservering te maken, we maken graag een offerte op maat aan de hand van uw specifieke wensen.


Boerenbrood | Harde broodjes | Crackers | Kipfilet | Ham | Kaas | Gerookte zalm | Brie | Filet american | Eiersalade | Divers zoet beleg | Gebakken Spek | Scrambled eggs | Yoghurt met vers fruit en granola | Croissant | Chocoladebroodje




At Luden we offer special lunch arrangments. A 3-course lunch menu with at every course a meat, fish and vegetarian option, or a Luden lunch arragment. 

  • 3-course lunchmenu € 37,50
  • Luden lunch € 19,50
With the Luden lunch we serve a vegetarian bbq zucchini soup, sanwiches, bread with croquettes, fruit and fresh orange juice and applejuice.
  • Shared lunch  € 21,50
The shared lunch consisting of soup, steak tartare, salmon tartare, bruschetta tomato, eggplant rolls, salad and Spanish tortilla.
  • Lunch buffet € 22,50

Our Lunch buffet is available for parties over 25 persons. Please contact us for more information about the lunch buffet.

The Luden lunch and the Shared lunch are also available as a buffet for parties over 25 persons. Groups up to 15 persons can also use our regular - reduced - lunch menu and order á la carte.


Informal event

If there is something that Luden is specialized in, it is in organizing an informal reception, for businesses as well as private. 
Think of a fare well, a wedding, an anniversary or birthday. Small groups can also take place in our restaurant on the ground floor at the bar. Would you rather have a private area with your own service? This can be organised at our first floor venue. 

We would love to answer any questions and help you to customize your event. For example we can provide all sorts of beverage arrangments and we also offer a wide range of fingerfood. 



For groups of 10 persons and more Luden offers three different dinner menu's. Would you like to use one of these menu's? Then please let us know in advance when you make a reservation. The menu that you choose is applicable for the entiere party, everybody can choose a starter, main and dessert from this menu.

The kitchen can take all diets and special wishes into account. Please let us know in advance if you want anything special when you make your reservation. 

Aside from the groupmenu's, that are served in three courses, we also offer the posibillity to arrange a dinner as a buffet (for 30 persons and up). If you wish we can also provide all sorts of beverage arrangments. 




Are you with a group of 25 persons or more? Have a look at the buffets at Luden. We offer three different kinds of buffets for a fixed price per person. Every buffet exists out of cold and warm dishes with a wide range of fish, meat and vegetarian options. We also have seasonal buffets like a game dish buffets and typical Dutch mashed potato buffets.
Complete your dinner with a drink arrangement and you can have a nice dinner without any worries. Inform about our options, we would like to make an offer according your specific wishes. 


Walking dinner

A standing bubble and you would like to offer your guests more than just fingerfood? Or are you with a large group and you don't want a sit down dinner so that everyone can speak with each other during the evening? A walking dinner might be exactly what you are looking for. Nice dishes in a 'bite' size that are served with a perfect regularity. 

Inform about our menu, we would like to compose a offer according to your specific wishes. 



For any kind of business occassion we have a first floor that is suitable for all sorts of events. With 100 seatings, an interior that lends itselfs for all sorts of arrangements and own facilities and bar, this venue is perfect for presentations, meetings, (in)formal receptions, lunch or dinners.

This venue is semi-privat and because of this the area is not completely soundproof. 

The rental for the venue is 225,- incl taxes for any part of the day unless there is a sales guarantee of more than 1850,-. In this case the rental expires. 
Use of our beamer for 35,- and a microphone is 50,- ex taxes. We also carry a flipover that can be used for presentations.


Work at Luden